MDA Katowice - International Bus Station Katowice
Passenger zone

Modern bus station

The first buses departing from the “Sądowa” Transfer Centre on 30 September 2020. This investment worth PLN 66 million serves both local and regional connections within the metropolis, as well as an international bus station.

The investment includes: a passenger service building, roofed bus platforms

and public transport stops, a bicycle parking area with a city bicycle station, and a car parking area. There is a fee for parking a car, but people dropping off or picking up passengers from the station can use the Kiss&Ride spaces, where it is possible to stop for free for up to three minutes. The bus stops are equipped with boards displaying information on bus routes. The building has a waiting room for travellers, toilets, luggage lockers, a kiosk, a bistro and cash registers. The building is adapted to the needs of disabled persons and has free WiFi.

The contractor for the investment is Budimex of Warsaw. For the construction of the “Sądowa” Transfer Centre, the city of Katowice has obtained PLN 43 million in funding from the Cohesion Fund as part of the Infrastructure and Environment Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Transfer centres in Katowice

The construction of transfer centres provides a number of benefits for residents and incoming visitors. The most important of these include the possibility of fast access to the city centre plus savings on time and fuel. Interchanges are designed to encourage the frequent use of public transport. “In this way, they contribute to reducing the number of vehicles on the roads, which reduces exhaust fumes and noise emissions,” says Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice. “Today, public transport passengers expect not only modern forms of transport but also comfortable places where they can change and wait for their next connections. Such conditions are now provided by the “Sądowa” Transfer Centre and the Park and Ride centres in Brynów and Zawodzie,” emphasizes Marcin Krupa.

Free transport from the PKP railway station to the bus station

For the convenience of passengers travelling between the railway station and the “Sądowa” transfer centre, we have launched a free shuttle bus service. The free shuttles do not have numbers. The displays show the direction of travel (”Katowice Railway Station” or “Katowice Sądowa”) and the message “Free travel to Katowice City”. Buses operate on weekdays from 6:00am to 8:00pm, every 5 minutes. At night and on holidays the frequency is lower. In addition to the shuttle courses, the “Sądowa” Transfer Centre also serves public transport lines – numbers: 0, 11, 50, 110, 154, 177, 193, 296, 657 and 674 – leaving Wolności Square for ul. Mikołowska or ul. Słowackiego.

Thanks to successively signed agreements with new carriers, the network of national and international connections will be expanded. Tickets for long-distance buses can be purchased directly from the carriers or at the ticket office at the station.